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Optimize Your Business and Personal Success

Optimize Your Business and Personal Success
Article by Marvin A. Fier, DDS, FASDA, ABAD, FACD, FIADE

What do your customers and prospects see first? How do they perceive you? What do members of the opposite sex see and think when they meet you? What do you see when you look in a mirror?

In business and in social situations, how other people perceive you depends on the image you project. That image is directly related to the appearance and confidence you have in your smile. A poor appearance or lack of confidence in our dental equipment can mean the difference between failure and success in business and in your personal life.

It has been said, “The smile is the most recognizable signal in the world. Smiles are such an important part of communication that we see them far more clearly than any other expression. We can pick up a smile at 300 feet, the length of a football field.” As we mature, our teeth get darker and wear down. With people living longer than ever, these changes in appearance are more pronounced than ever before. Our teeth may function fine, but how we appear to others is often compromised. We may dress well, but because our teeth are tucked away inside our mouths, we may not think about them as much as our clothes.

What is cosmetic dentistry? It is the special area of dentistry that involves techniques such as porcelain laminates (veneers), teeth whitening or bonding. In many cases, discolored, chipped, widely spaced or misshapen teeth can be transformed into a natural, healthy looking smile in only a few visits. Replacing caps that have dark lines near the gums with state-of-the-art porcelain caps allows a person to smile and project a positive image. While these procedures were often thought to be only for the rich and famous, your friends, neighbors and business associates are doing them every day. Cosmetic dentistry has changed lives, one smile at a time, giving many men and women the smile they always dreamed about or re-create the smile they once had. These men and women have taken the step that allows them to look and feel younger, have a greater sense of wellbeing and radiate confidence. Consider smile improvement with cosmetic dentistry, an investment in and for yourself.

A great and natural-looking smile can do wonders for your ability to succeed personally and in business.

Dr. Marvin Fier maintains a dental practice in Pomona providing Cosmetic, Family and Implant Dentistry. He is a dental educator, teaching other dentists at universities in the United States and worldwide. He presents interesting educational programs to local businesses and community groups (Rotary Clubs, Church groups, etc.) on many dental subjects. To arrange a program for your group email or call 845-354-4300.