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The Anatomy of a Tooth

cross-section of the human teethThis illustration shows the anatomy of a tooth and gums as well as the supporting structures that surround a tooth.

Blood vesselscarry nutrients to the tooth.

Bonealveolar bone - forms the tooth socket and provides it with support.

Cementumthe - layer of hard bone-like tissue covering the root of the tooth.

Cemento - enamel junctionthe line where the enamel and cementum meet.

Dentinthe - hard yellow tissue underlying the enamel and cementum, making up the main bulk of the tooth.

Enamelthe - hard, white outer layer of the tooth.

Gingivathe - gum tissue surrounding the tooth.

Ligamentthe - connective tissue that surrounds the tooth and connects it to bone.

Nervesrelay - signals such as pain to and from your brain.

Pulplocated - in the center of the tooth, it contains the arteries, veins and nerves.Root canalcanal in the root of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels travel through.